Digital Microscope camera Dino-Lite AM-411T


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The Main advantage of the hand Microscope is that you get to see the picture before you take it, i.e., you can see the image on your computer screen while inspecting the coin, and when results are satisfying you click to save.

This is the original product, top quality, not to confuse with cheap imitations, selling for much cheaper, but do not deliver results.

After research, We found this is the most suitable Microscope for personal use, with high resolution in mind, as it have 1.3M (don’t confuse it with old 1.3M digital cameras).
For online pictures, you might find the model AM311 good enough, and much cheaper.

Follow the link to the Big C web site and you can find out more.

As an authorized dealers, we can get you any product you'll find there (a stand is recommended) please require by Email.

Model : AM411T Handheld Digital Microscope 1.3M / Resolution 1280x1024 10~50X,200X Continuous Magnification Achieves effective magnification values of up to 330x w/ digital zoom (only available in VGA mode - 640*480) USB 2.0 Output LED on/off controlled by software

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