Got duplicate coins? Want to trade them for other Palestine coins? Now you can!
For many years, this service was available to just a handful of selective international collectors, but now we open our doors for new collectors to join.

How it works? Here’s our latest example:a British collector had us graded his coins with PCGS and he got 2 1927 100 mils graded at the ms66 level.¬†Another collector from Dubai, had a 1934 and 1946 5 mils graded at the ms65 level. He didn’t even have duplicates, but he only care for the silver 50 and 100 mils run.
Needless to say, both were very pleased to add material that otherwise, was not available to them!

How to start? You go ahead and make a list of the material you willing to part from, and email it to us, along with your estimated value of each coin; we use it as indication for the trade, insurance, and our fees, so be honest with yourself.

Second, you want to add a “wanted list” or your existing collection list that you want to improve (please be realistic, we know you want to trade your cleaned 1935 for a gem 1931 100M :)

On our end, we try to match it to other collector’s lists. And maybe send you a “bucket list” of the material available for trade, And if all agreed, we make the trade! Simple as that.

Cost: each side pay all actual shipping fees, plus 5% of the trade value (minimum $12 per transection)

Notes: we can accept raw or graded coins, it doesn’t matter. If you insist to trade graded coins only, we can slab them with PCGS, NGC, or ANACS. your choice.

Before the trade is complete, we will inspect all the coins ourselves, and if we suspect the coin doesn’t match the grade for good or bad, no matter which tpg slabed it, we will take it to consideration, and inform both sides of our opinion. You’ll never get a lemon!

Please be advised, at times it takes us a while to move, but it well worth it!

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, hope this will be beneficial for you and for the hobby!
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