Although it may seem like a good idea, we strongly advice against cleaning coins. Although you may think that they will look nicer if they are cleaner and shinier, collectors value the original appearance and as such, cleaning a coin may reduce its value to the point of NO GRADE (and as such, almost no value) . Even wiping a coin with a soft cloth may cause small scratches. When a professional is grading a collectable coin, they view it under magnification. So, even small scratches that are invisible to the naked eye will be seen and the grade of the coin will be reduced. Cleaning coins is kind of like trying to restore a work of art. It is best to leave it up to the professionals. They have the knowledge and experience as to what cleaning techniques will work best and how to use them in the right way.

Collectible coins should always be handled carefully to avoid the possibility of causing wear. Collectable coins are given a grade depending on the condition that the coin is in. The price of the coin is determined on the grade. The higher the grade of coin, the more valuable it is. Because of this, by reducing the amount that a coin is handled reduces the risk of introducing substances that may lead to spots or color changes that will affect the grade of the coin and in turn affect the value. There are holders available that will provide adequate protection for ordinary handling. Before you remove a coin from its holder, consider whether it's really necessary.


A coin that is uncirculated or Proof should never be touched anywhere but on the edge. Even fingerprints alone can reduce the coin's grade and its value. By getting in the habit of picking up collectible coins by their edges and it will soon become second nature. Coin collectors should also avoid holding coins in front of your mouth. Surprisingly, small particles of moisture may eventually cause spots on the coin’s surface. If you need to place a coin down outside of its holder, it is necessary to place it on a clean, soft surface. A velvet pad is the perfect surface and extremely important for regular handling of valuable collectable coins. It is also possible to place coins on a clean, soft cloth or clean piece of blank paper is most likely sufficient for less valuable items. Above all, do not drag coins across any surfaces. This can cause scratches and wear. Some people may even seem more comfortable wearing clean white cloth or surgical gloves and a mask may be advisable if they are going to be handling very valuable coins or lots of uncirculated and/or higher grade circulated coins.


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